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The Salish Sea Spiritual Ecology Alliance (SSSEA) is a network of scholars, activists, artists and citizens of the Salish Sea Bioregion devoted to bringing spirituality and ecology together in ways that forge sustainable, meaningful and reciprocal relationships between humanity and the earth.


SSSEA has organized two annual Convergences that bring together Spirituality and Ecology in meaningful ways. In 2014 SSSEA hosted the Spiritual Ecologies and New Cosmologies Convergence at UBC, and in 2015, SSSEA hosted the Place-based Activism and Spiritual Practice Convergence held at various locations in Vancouver.

In October of 2015, SSSEA sent a delegation of six to the World Parliament of Religions to represent the Salish Sea Bioregion, and discuss the importance of ecological spirituality.

Radio Show

SSSEA has also birthed Experiencing the Sacred: Where Spirit Meets World in Vancouver, a radio program on Vancouver Coop Radio 100.5 FM coopradio.org