Deep Time Walk and Algae Exploration – Biodiversity Galiano Island Project

This past Saturday on Galiano Island in the heart of the Salish Sea, a small group of nature-lovers walked across 4.57 billion years of Earth’s history, marvelling at the slow, slow, slow and toilsome work of the bacteria; the wonder of the profound evolutionary changes of Earth, feeling in our bones and bodies the slow-fast punctuated pace of this change. The vastness of geologic time contains a depth difficult to comprehend with the mind. Developed by ecologist Stephan Harding at Schumacher College in the UK, the Deep Time walk allows a felt sense of this depth. Walking, writes Rebecca Solnit, is “how the body measures itself against the Earth”.

This was the first event of the Biodiversity Galiano Island project, and a wonder-filled start to the series.

We also explored algal life in the Salish Sea, and created pressings of the species of brown, green and red algae we collected.

This was an awesome event to participate in – come on out next time SSSEA folk!

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