Session 1 Reflection by Patricia Sloan

The day was ready with a gift for us. The perfect cloud line of a front coming in from (Guess what? The Ocean!) Gusty winds, scudding clouds and sunshine. Great energy to begin a day of shared reflection, challenge and vision.
For me, the missed canoe trip morphed into the beginning blessing with no regret. Our circle on the lawn (grounded), our introductions and the rich conversational Musqueam blessing created community and settled the focus of the day. Time spent walking on the beach enjoying the transition between land, sea and air seemed more profound than usual.
Then the afternoon rolled into being, engaging the mind along with our emotions. Hours of tears, cheer, learning and sharing – not to mention great food to fuel it along. New information; much to ponder; and in the end, an idea to chew on.
I came to the day carrying a burden of uncertainty about our planet. I left with ideas, some serenity and a new community. Still carrying on pondering…

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