2015 Convergence Announced!

Place-based Activism and Spiritual Practice

After a successful turn out last year for the Spiritual Ecologies and New Cosmologies Convergence, the newly formed Salish Sea Spiritual Ecology Alliance (SSSEA), based in Vancouver, BC, is planning its second Convergence. This year the group will focus on creating more of a workshop-style. As ‘Spiritual Ecologists’, SSSEA seeks to witness to both the pain and beauty of the world through engaged Inter-spiritual dialogue and active solidarity with ecological and climate justice movements. Planned as a series of four workshop sessions, this year’s Convergence will take participants on a pilgrimage through the domains of Ocean, Forest, Farm and City. Entitled ‘Place-based Activism and Spiritual Practice’, we will focus on grappling with the problems and passions that activate us, and the spiritual practices that sustain us. Sessions will occur on four separate days in September and October. Each session will engage with the issues facing each domain, grapple with the grief we feel with every loss, and seek entry points for embracing hope. We will explore the strategies that work, and the spiritual practices that energize and recharge us. REGISTER NOW!

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