What do we mean by ‘sacred,’ as settlers on unceded Salish land?

Discussion group – Monday April 20st, 2015, 6:30

Seeding the Discussion: Earth-Based Spirituality: An Indigenous Paradigm, Christopher Peters (Pohlik-lah/Karuk), (26:00 min)


  • Welcoming
  • Sacred food: sharing and honoring fruits, nuts, tea and red wine (you can bring organic fruits or nuts)
  • Mindful listening: Nargan – A Cave Inhabited by Spirits (Traditional ritual music from Australia) – 7 min
  • Talking stick circle: tell us what ‘the sacred’ means to you (you can prepare a written paragraph)
  • Open discussion  – Leads:
  1. As eco-activists on Salish land, should we be knowledgeable of ‘Indian Laws’ and  indigenous sacred spaces? Are we at risk of colonizing the sacred?
  2. How to create interfaith sacred spaces: who’s images, sculptures, musics, language, symbolism?
  3. How to bring Indigenous’ voice to our group?

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